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Back in the nineties, it seems like eons ago, the little bride and I would watch a home improvement show called Furniture To Go with a couple of wacky but likable guys who would show you how to repair, refinish, reupholster and refurbish furniture.Even years later we'll still exclaim to each other, though admittedly in private, "Horse Hair! " And it amazes me how much of an effect the guys had on us without us realizing it.First established in Castle Cary in 1837, John Boyd Textiles is proud to maintain the tradition of horsehair weaving.Horsehair fabrics are woven with the finest and best quality tail hair from live horses and cotton or silk warps using the original looms and techniques from 1870.

I couldn't make out the last name, but it was Fred something, Columbus Ohio, May 26, 1860.

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Horsehair fabric was originally used by famous furniture designers such as Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Lutyens, and Rennie Mackintosh, and are ideally suited to most forms of upholstered furniture; antique, classical, and contemporary.

To this day, horsehair fabrics are widely recognized for their unequalled lustre, durability, care properties, and value.

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Although the historical traditional fabrics are still woven today, contemporary designers also appreciate the unique qualities of horsehair fabrics.

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