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Protected sex means using a male or female condom during sex if you or your partner have a detectable viral load.

Condoms should be used with water-based lubricant as oil-based lube weakens them.

The higher someone’s viral load, the more HIV is in their body fluids, meaning a greater risk that the virus will be passed on during unprotected sex.

He told me later that, because of this, he assumed that I assumed he was positive - which in fact he was.

Whether you're a man who rejects the term "barebacking" as stigmatizing, dismisses the act and any conversation... Reducing the school dropout rate for girls in Kenya and providing adequate HIV/AIDS and sex education could reduce HIV incidence in the country, experts said recently, IRIN News reports. He freaked and for the Read more » ...heterosexuals.

Conclusions Introduction Why are some gay men still having unprotected anal sex in the age of HIV/AIDS? One guy asked me outright if I were positive; I said yes.

So what if you had sex with this dude and he didn't tell you his status? They were given condoms but usually did not use them.

In this study, researchers followed 174 sexually monogamous couples in Rakai, Uganda, in which one partner had HIV ( news - web sites ) and the other did not.

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If you have a detectable viral load, have unprotected sex and don’t tell your partner they may be angry that they weren’t told sooner.

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