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Fizzle out dating site

Read more With the five nominees unveiled on Thursday, the Directors Guild of America Awards offered a slate that countered both the “all-male” set that Natalie Portman savaged from the podium at the Golden Globes last weekend and the racial homogeneity that sparked two years of #Oscarssowhite.

As for the romantic stuff, we'll have to keep an eye out – the Logan brothers have been known to be chick magnets.

(Video by Jesse Goddard / Los Angeles Times)Watch the casting of the SAG Awards statuette in preparation for the 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards, featuring interviews with nominees Ann Dowd and Clea Du Vall.

(Video by Jesse Goddard / Los Angeles Times) On a cold, rainy Tuesday morning, inside a foundry in Burbank, four craftspeople in metallic silver fireproof suits looked like something out of a vintage sci-fi film as they prepared a vat of molten bronze.

Not only are Logan and Chloe kissing in the waves but also hugging and his arm is around her waist the entire time.

Clearly, there is some chemistry between them and it isn't all innocent fun.

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She just got out of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Austin Nichols.