Is brendon urie dating sarah orzechowski

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Is brendon urie dating sarah orzechowski

As Brendon has the huge fan following and his fans and followers know many things about the star. Here are the few things you probably did not know about Sarah and the pair. If you are then a fan of Brendon then you probably know about the album Death of a Bachelor.

That's always fun." Urie met Brent Wilson while taking guitar classes offered at their high school and Wilson asked Urie to try out as lead guitarist for Panic!

For the musical, Urie sings a song called, "Not A Simple Sponge".

Nickelodeon released a video in the spring of 2016 that includes details about the artists that they worked with to bring the score to life, including Aerosmith, John Legend, Plain White T's and Panic! In February 2017, Urie moved out of his home in Los Angeles, California, to an undisclosed location.

He said the move was to get away from excessive attention from his fans.

He also said that he did not feel safe in his own home.

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