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The heart stops doing whatever hearts do when they’re not loving, oxygen and nutrients stop going where they’re needed, and in short order the nerve cells in the body lose the wherewithal to pump ions.

Like batteries that are no longer being recharged, they run down. Like every kind of energy, whether electrical, kinetic, sonic, or sports fever, the electrical potential in the body eventually becomes heat energy (it’s an entropy thing).

The energy we “carry around” takes the form of chemical energy like fats and sugars.

When our nervous system creates electrical energy we lose an equal amount of chemical energy.

Admittedly, dead folk are a hair less energetic than living people (with some exceptions).

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In terms of physical energy, the difference between a living body and a very recently dead body is just a question of how that energy is being organized.

Living critters in general are very good at using chemical energy for things like moving, growing, etc.

Newly dead critters have about the same amount of chemical energy, it’s just that they don’t use it.

Instead, whatever comes along to consume the body uses it (whether that’s fire or decomposition or whatever).

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