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Acalypha Raggedy Anne has very large foliage which is a fantastic red colour.This plant is excellent for screening and really stands out in your garden with it's autumn colours - a must have for winter colour in your garden!This shrub really stands out amongst other shrubs and plants – Before it flowered it never caught my eye, but when this shrub is in flower it is a true attention-drawer.The Pemba Palm is a fast growing palm from Pemba, a small island of the coast of Africa. It is a vigorous, fast growing plants which is grown for its edible tuber. In warm parts of the country it can be planted year round, but in cooler parts it's best to plant in spring. Size: approx 20cm tall - The variegated Shell ginger is a stunning tropical foliage plant, with green and white variegated leaves. Strong Seedling Trees approx 25-30cm tall Plants for sale: strong rhizome - Galangal Plants are part of the Ginger family Zingiberaceae, which also includes, amongst others, the Ginger plants Alpinia, Hedychium, Curcuma and Zingiber. Taro - Bun Long is a tropical perennial plant native to Asia and India. It is a member of the ginger family and native to S. It grows to around 1m tall with big, lush, green foliage and a stunning white flower. Black Sapote - Chocolate Pudding Fruit (Diospyros Dignya) Fruit similar in taste and texture to Chocolate Pudding!!! This is a lovely tree too, evergreen with large glossy leaves and small white flowers.

It will produce multiple ivory canes but remains in a nice clump. Plant them in pots or in the garden, in well draining soil. They are native to the dry, desert regions of Mexico and Southern United States."I originally had the idea of buying a hedge in a box," he said, smiling."But we've got a nursery here and we punted the (16 box) idea around and we went for it.It is a rare tropical plant, not often seen in gardens or cultivation.Plants available - strong young plants, beautiful roots 20cm tall Rubber Plant - Ficus Elastica Ruby; Yes!

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Business manager Polly Ingles and commercial manager Steven Hadlow from Australian Plants Online in Woombye show off their specially designed box with tubestock plants inside, ready to be posted throughout Australia.

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