Validating informal and non formal learning dating regler Glostrup

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Validating informal and non formal learning

Formal learning: learning typically provided by an education or training institution, structured (in terms of learning objectives, learning time or learning support) and leading to certification.

Formal learning is intentional from the learner’s perspective.

This is the dominant view in the literature, and it is mistaken.For this reason, the concept of non-formal learning, at least when seen as a middle state between formal and informal, is redundant." (p.314) Eraut's classification of learning into formal and non-formal: This removes informal learning from the equation and states all learning outside of formal learning is non-formal.Moreover, anthropologists noted that complex learning still takes place within indigenous communities that had no formal educational institutions.It’s the acquisition of this knowledge or learning which occurs in everyday life that has not been fully valued or understood.

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Any learning that occurs outside of these parameters is non-formal.

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