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It’s important that you inform CRA of your change of name for taxation purposes, as well as for your medical records, as the health care division of British Columbia is billed and managed by Revenue Canada. (They will ask specific line items from that Assessment Notice). To tell them you are changing your marital status from Single to Married and you will need your spouse’s SIN number to do so. After you change your name/marital status with CRA, your spouse is also required to call and update his/her marital status and will need your SIN number as well.

Luckily it’s a simple phone call that lasts less than 5 minutes! Unfortunately, there’s no easy 1,2,3 plan for changing over your bank accounts, credit cards and payroll to reflect your new married name.

The driver of the car was investigated for sobriety while one passenger was detained for public intoxication.

So as time permits and your excitement motivates, be sure to change over your cyber presence to reflect your new married name. It's free, just sign up here and check your email for instant download.

In order to have this, MSP needs to be notified first before going to the Motor Vehicle branch and MSP takes about 30 days to process.

As your drivers license is typically your primary piece of ID, I suggest updating it first or as soon as you recieve your marriage certificate.

You will more than likely need to apply for a passport as if it were your first time, using the General Adult Passport Application.

Keep in mind there are multiple circumstances that can sway whether or not you must apply in person at a government agent office or the official lower mainland passport offices.

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