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Vijayanagar institute of medical sciences bellary tinder dating site

During the year under review, 21 gentlemen were elected Ordinary Members of the Society, 14 members withdrew, 5 died, 9 were removed from the list, viz., 2 under Rule 38, as defaulters, and 7 under Rule 40, being more than 3 yeai'S absent from India, and 1 member was struck off on account of non-payment of his admission fee, by which his election became void under Rule 9. 01 O ° .60 "S o "c3 O 6 i m jecial on-Sub- jribing. 3)]0 7-4-2 Proceedings — „ 669-7-0 1889.] Annual Report. 4,653-3-2, which is less than the budget es- timate by Rs.

The Budget Estimate of Ordinary Receipts and Expenditure pro- posed for 1889 does not differ much from that for 1888, the probable re- ceipts may again be put down at Rs. The amount to be re- ceived from " Sale of Publications " has been estimated at Rs. The Budget Estimate for 1889 is as follows : — Receipts.

II— IV, VII— X @ 1/ each Tabaqat-i-Nasiri, (Text) Fasc. I— XIV @ _/12/ each Tarikh-i-Firuz Shahi, of Ziaa-al-din Barni (Text) Fasc. I— IX @ /6/ each Tarikh-i-Firozshahi, of Shams-i-Siraj Afif (Text) Fasc.

Suyuty's Itqan, on the Exegetic Sciences of the Koran, with Supplement (Text) Fasc.

of their ac- count with the Society for 1887 showed a debit balance of £109-19-7, of which £55-11-0 represented payments made for Plates for the Journal, Part II. The 27 coins presented by the Government of Bombay were the Society's share of troves found at Ahmadabad, Amravati District, Khan- deish, Kurrachi, Nasik, Poona and Satara. Hoernle has carried on the duties in the interval which will elapse before Mr. 1,872, representing printing charges for 5 and editing fees for 7 fasciculi, are still outstanding. The average annual income, calculated on the receipts of the last 5 years, is Rs.

More detailed descriptions of these coins are given in the Society's Proceedings for April, May, August, November, and December. Percival held the post of General Secretary till December, when he re- signed owing to pressure of woi^k and ill health : Dr. 356 for each fasciculus, taking into consideration that bills for Rs.

The south wall of the meeting-room was also found to be in a very defective state, and has been strengthened by iron rails across the arches over three of the doors, whilst the whole of the ground floor and staircase has been whitewashed and painted, and the corridors colour-washed , The exterior of the building and the out offices were thoroughly repaired and, painted, and in addition, the compound has been entirely re-arranged and laid out in grass. Of these 81 were from the Bengal Presidency, and 27 from the Bombay Presidency. The 81 coins acquired in the Bengal Presidency were the Society's share of troves found at B^'naiii', Hoshangabad, Rohtak, Sarun, Shiihpur, Sialkot and Wardha. Of the following works sanctioned in previous years no fasciculi have as yet appeared : — 1. Bhattotpala's Commentary on Varaha Mihira's Brihat Samhita : Text, to be edited by Dr.

I— XIX @ /6/ each Mu'asir-i-'Alamgiri (Text), Fasc. 7 (copper and silver), Muizzu-d-din Kaiqobad I (Chron. Wire netting was also fixed to many of the windows on the ground floor, in order to give better ventilation by allowing the windows to be kept open during the day. They comprised 11 gold, 28 silver, 8 gold and silver, and 32 silver aud copper coins ; there was also one silver-gilt forgery, These coins belonged to the following classes : (1) later Indo-Scytliian, 28 Annual Heport. viz., Kida 6, Tasovarman 4; (2) Pathan, viz., Muhammad bin Sam. Brihaddevata (Text) ; 2, Prakritadhtata (Text and transla- tion) ; 3, Charaka (English translation with notes) ; 4, Naqaid-ul Farazdaq-Jerir (Text with English translations in prose and verse) ; 5, Kala Viveka (Text) ; 6, Yeda'nta Sutra, Commentaries on, (Text) ; 7, Togini' Tantra (Text) ; 8, Karana Grantha (Text) ; 9, Muntakhab-ul-Tawarikh Vol. (English translation) ; 10, Taj-ul-Maasir (Text) ; 11, Tameh-i-Wassaf (Text) ; 12, Tarikh- i-Yamini (English translation with notes) ; 13, JS"Atadharmakatha Yipaka Sutra (Text) ; 14, Saddharma Pundarika (Text) ; 15 Al Tabriz I's Commentai-y (Text) ; 16, Markandeya Purina (English -translation) ; 17, Svayambhu Purana (Text) ; 18, Baubhayan Iya S'rauta Sutra and Hiranyakesi S'rauta Sutra (Text) ; 19, Tuzak-i-Jehangir I (Text); 20, A'in-i-Akbari (English translation) ; 21, Ri YAZU-S-SALA'ri N (Text and English translation) ; 22, Nyayavindu, Tika (Text in Sanskrit and Tibetan), The following new work was sanctioned during the year for pub- lication. Theobald's Catalogue of Reptiles in the Museum of the Asiatic Society (Extra No., J. B., 1868) Catalogue of Mammals and Birds of Burmah, by E.

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291, 4to., thick paper, @ 4/12 ; thin paper Dictionary of Arabic Technical Terms and Appendix, Fasc. I — XIV @ 1/ each i Tihrist-i Tiisi, or, Tusy's list of Shy'ah Books, (Text) Fasc.

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