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Web 2 0 dating site

(And many applications are ephemeral apps that also have low user engagement.) Take the most famous example of rich UI: AJAX, which lets designers update part of a page, rather than taking users to an entirely new page.

The fact that the city Sanitation Department will pick up Christmas trees sometime after December 25 isn't likely to inspire a longing to discuss shared experiences on the department's site.

Users will visit the site to find the pick-up dates and rules.

Nonetheless, the Christmas tree pick-up page is an example of how government websites can offer taxpayers great ROI : if done right, this one page will save the city from answering endless phone calls — each costing or more.

Only a fool would deny the importance of response time and download speeds for the Web user experience.

After all, we've known since 1968 that speedy interfaces feel better and support flow. But only if users continue to understand what's happening.

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We recently tested about 100 e-commerce sites and found many problems with AJAX shopping carts .